PromoteElection2011 ( talk grote ) 20:19, (UTC) Missing template with identifier edit Romaine, thank you for your help. I penis think files only should be deleted when they aren't used anymore for sure. After this we should announce the upload campaign and the deadline on 5 Oct. Thanks a lot - vin 15:08, (UTC) User:Rein. Of course a *-by-lake-category is correct but as soon as the lake is defined by its name by is wrong. The list of natural sites of Azerbaijan is ready. I only try to execute the results of discussions, the discussions itself I like to leave to other users. Maybe I put my comment not at the optimal place but such changing should not be done by speedy deletion and without reflecting little bit. After speaking with Lily, I believe the plan of action is to upload nrhp photos to wlm-us, and upload state/local photos to wlm-us-oh/wlm-us-ca. Fæ ( talk ) 07:07, 30 December 2011 (UTC) I said it "smacks" of a cover up, not that it is one. Why should a preview be shown as link to the current file? Love dolls - Sex kleding - Sex artikelen

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PL - Nierówna, czworokątna pyta z bokami zaokrąglonymi na zewnątrz. You should check if it works at 1 September. However, I searched through Commons and Wikipedia, and I did not found a good juridical source on this matter, and it all started to get vague (it already was before deletion). I wrote that it is never late to post something in WLM blog. Náhled 15:04, náhled 18:28, náhled 6:43, náhled 4:29, dunne náhled 10:12, náhled 10:00 26:44, náhled 5:59. Throaght Monstrum Obrazu

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Do I miss anything? Ik heb de foto toegevoegd aan de lijst op Wikipedia. With border, so it is more visible. I do vocht not know how to lead a QR code to that page. Where did Atlantas agree to this? However, the year-round header Upload campaign header Wiki Loves Monuments finished is only universal, a specific campaign header is not possible (as I know). Eine von wmde geförderte WLM-Fototour nach Erfurt am Wochenende vom. Lotje ( talk ) 14:00, (UTC) Notification about possible deletion edit Affected: And also: Yours sincerely Fæ ( talk ) 12:59, (UTC) Precise time of WLM ending edit Hi Romaine, Due to this change contest ended on 23:58 on Sptember 30th. Web, 28000 Kč, máte zájem? HU - Vörös "pantone 199 fekete "pantone black". Sotto la lettera "P compare la parola "pliplopbooks" scritta in bianco. But I couldn't create the campaign.

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