The occult location of the organ foto can interfere with normal urination and werkt with sexual penetration. Penis pe´nis the external male organ of urination and copulation. Answering these questions will enable you to interpret your dream). Patient discussion about penis. Concealed penis a small penis concealed beneath a fat pad or the skin of the scrotum, abdomen, or thigh; called also buried penis. Penis translation English to Italian: Cambridge Dictionary penis translation English to Italian: Cambridge Dictionary. It all depends on when he enters puberty and his hormones start doing their thing. The inner surface of the foreskin contains glands that secrete a lubricating fluid called smegma which makes it easy for the penis to expand and retract past the foreskin. Some may start developing as early. A few years a go I was masturbating and had a sharp pain and stopped. Penis pēnəs (anatomy the male organ of copulation in humans and certain other vertebrates. In rams and goat bucks the penile urethra is continued beyond the glans as the urethral process. The subcutaneous fascia of the penis is directly continuous with that of the scrotum, which contains the testes. In submammalian forms the penis is not as well developed. Penis - definition of penis by The Free, dictionary

Definition of penis - the male genital organ of higher vertebrates, carrying the duct for the transfer of sperm during copulation. In humans and most. Penis, definition of, penis by Merriam-Webster Penis definition of penis by Medical dictionary Penis - Merriam-Webster s Learner s, dictionary

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The hopefully long, solid muscle that men have as a part of the reproduction process Something women can t live without Some refer to it as the PEN15 club. Penis definition: The definition of a penis is a male genital organ. (noun) An example of penis is a male genital organ used for sex and urination.

Loose skin encloses the penis and also forms the retractable foreskin, or prepuce. Penis, the male organ of copulation, or phallus. Erection physiology is mediated partly by nitric oxide. The skin ends just behind the glans penis and folds forward to cover. Short penis an uncommon, possibly inherited, defect in some breeds of cattle. Other vertebrates lack a penis, although various functionally comparable organs may klaarkomen be developed such as the claspers on the pelvic fins of sharks and the gonopodia on the anal fins of certain teleost fishes. Ones sexual energy or matters of orientation may be at issue, depending upon the gender of the dreamer. Log in to My Dictionary. Concealed penis a small penis hidden by a skin abnormality or the suprapubic fat pad. Penis definition and meaning Collins English, dictionary

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  • Glans definition, the head of the penis (glans penis ) or of the clitoris (glans clitoris) See more.

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Definitions by the structure largest Idiom Dictionary. Define penile: of, relating to, or affecting the penis penile in a sentence. Penis meaning, definition, what is penis : the part of a male s body that is used for urinating and for sex.

And unless you plan to run naked in barbwired field- it won't give you any problem. Collins Concise English Dictionary HarperCollins Publishers: penis /pinɪs/ n ( pl -nises, -nes / -niz the male organ of copulation in higher vertebrates, also used for urine excretion in many mammals. Two of the masses lie alongside each other and end behind the head of the penis. The doctor said it was fine, no structural damage it was probably just irritated. This latter mass contains the urethra. Penes, penises (pē'nis, -nēz, -ni-sĕz) TA The organ of copulation in the male; it is formed of three columns of erectile tissue, two arranged laterally on the dorsum (corpora cavernosa penis) and one median below (corpus spongiosum the urethra traverses the latter; the extremity (glans. In mammals the penis consists basically of three elongated masses of erectile tissue.

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  • See reproductive system reproductive system, in animals, the anatomical organs concerned with production. Penile Definition of Penile by Merriam-Webster
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Penis, article about penis by The Free, dictionary

Penis definition, the male organ of copulation and, in mammals, of urinary excretion. L, tail, penis from Indo-European base an unverified form pes-from source Sanskrit pásas-, Classical Greek peos, Old English fæsl, penis. Noun (also schlang or shlang or shlong) The penis; prick: you know with his schlong hanging out there 1969; fr Yiddish shlang, literally 'snake'. Define penis: a male erectile organ of copulation by which urine and semen are discharged from the body and that develops from the same embryonic. For a man the penis represents more than simply his sexual appetite.

Penis or what, penis stands for? Penis is listed in the World s largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations. Definition of penis in the Idioms, dictionary. What does penis expression mean?

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